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Australian weather

Tried to go to the swimming pool today.. Saying it didn’t go very well would be a true understatement…

Going to the pool is a 30 minute walk to the northern district from my hotel at Southern Cross.. once I got to just a couple 100 meters from the pool, someone up there decided to open the floodgates.. the heavens opened and in mere seconds the road had become just an extension to the pool. The minute and a half it took me to get from the doorway I was sheltering in was enough to get me completely soaked! 🙁

Oh and I almost forgot the worst part of it all.. since it wasn’t just heavy downpour, but a real thunderstorm and it is an outdoor pool, they closed the pool because of the lightning!!!
So not only had I just walked 30 minutes to the pool for nothing, I had to walk back to the hotel wearing nothing but a light short and a t-shirt. At least the temperature didn’t crash during the rain shower like it usually does in europe.. So I decided I ‘d rather have a dry shirt when I got to the city centre than a soaked piece of fabric and walked without till just before I had to enter the hotel.. (no pics available ;))

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