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Nice Girls..

I was having dinner at a local restaurant next to the Yarra river yesterday and met a couple of very nice girls (I will explain.. ;)).. One of them was going to move to Sydney so they were having a last evening out.. actually, judging by the 3 bottles of wine on their table, I think it was more about getting drunk together one last time ..

Sadly – and maybe also luckily – one of the 2 was apparently still sober enough to realize she was drunk enough already and wanted to go home.. they still had an almost untouched bottle on the table though. So they needed a victim to relinquish their wine to.. well mannered and friendly as I am, I couldn’t say no to a damsel in distress and thus the task of finishing 2 full glasses of wine and half a bottle befell to me. 😀

I remember I wanted to write something yesterday evening, but due to a sudden and unforeseen impairment of my ability to type I had to abandon that endeavor.. I have no clue anymore as to what I wanted to write about, so instead I decided to yield to reader’s curiosity and write this short update about my – no doubt very interesting – adventures in Melbourne 🙂

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