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Pink Pigeons

I didn’t mention this in my last post, but there are some really weird animals here.. in Europe I am used to seeing pigeons, crows and in our garden even some rarer species, but here those animals seem to have mutated.. pigeons for example – or whatever they are called – are pink! (I think it are Galahs, but don’t quote me on that..) I don’t know for certain what the Australian version of the crow is, but I think they are black and white and not as annoying as ours..
There s a dozen more weird birds acting like pigeons, mostly some sort of cockatoo I guess. And at least one thing they are better at than pigeons: causing uproar! If a tourist is naive enough to feed one, all hell breaks lose.. and I don’ t know this for sure yet, but I am pretty sure that – like pigeons – these flying vermin also bomb spectators below with the unhealthy remains of their previous meal.

I guess that by the time I go home, I ll be longing for the european versions of these birds causing a fuss on my windowsill..

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