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Oké.. I thought this place has been dead for long enough now..

I still have a few old yet uncomplete and unpublished posts here which I might decide to post yet, but the main idea behind reviving this place is having some place to dump all my random thoughts. I will mainly be using this blog – like in old times – while I am abroad (for holidays or work) so I have some place where I can write a bit more than a one or 2 line comment.. (facebook..) Don’t expect me to post about work though..

As you might have already noticed I will be posting in english from now on since I probably have more friends abroad then I have in Belgium. Don’t expect me to write flawfless english though.. I can’t even do that in dutch, let alone in another language..
My old dutch posts will remain on here in dutch, for those interested, Google Translate does a pretty good job if you ignore the occasional madness..

A nice side effect of having a semi-active blog again is that I hope it will help me avoid having to befriend 2 types of people on certain social networksites:

1. the people I meet on some random occasion and whom I ll probably never see again or would prever to never see again, but who due to some social misconception want some sort of imaginary relation. I guess maybe they are so bored with their own lives that they search for spicy stuff in other peoples lives…

2. the people I know much too well and see much too often who probably think I post all kind of interesting (/embarassing) details (/photos) and want in on them.. Obviously, because you already know these people much better than you would like (and vice versa), you cannot refuse these “friend requests” due to social conventions.. Best known example of people falling into this category is undoubtedly parents…

People belonging to either of those types usually end up being dissapointed anyways since I (try to) use lists on facebook to keep stuff from being visible to everyone who s managed to somehow befriend me..

In the very unlikely event any of my facebook friends are reading this: it’s not because you rarely see me on FB you might be unwanted. I plainly don’t post much on it.. I guess I just don’t feel like putting my entire life on there to fulfill a company’s desire for world domination!

And for those of you who haven’t noticed.. on occasion what I post may be a bit exaggerated or have a slight touch of sarcasm.. either way, if you are one of those people who take things literally and seriously, you probably shouldn’t be reading this.. you probably shouldn’t go on the internet at all to be honest!

Think I ve been going on long enough now for a first new post..

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