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Flying home.. to Melbourne!

Back in Melbourne.. I took a flight this afternoon.. and this may sound strange, but once I had dropped off all my luggage at the hotel and walked to South Bank I felt like I was back home.. I know I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks, yet it already feels a bit like home.. tomorrow I have to fly to my previous, more permanent, boring & cold home though.. pitty!! 😥

What I left today – even after only a couple of days – already hurt, so I don’t want to think about what tomorrow will be like.. flying back to that gray boring country that isn’t really a country anymore..

I ‘ll keep the happy thoughts for a bit longer though: Sydney was really great, just wish I ‘d had a bit better weather (as in more sun, not higher temperatures/humidity :)). I ‘d really love to have had more time here and a chance to sail here as well.. Sydney harbour looks really perfect for sailing a lazer or 420/470. With that kind of a back yard, who ‘d care about the sweaty days and scorching heat.. just jump in a boat and capsize a bit 😛

I went to langly beach yesterday, and while the weather wasn’t that great for sunbathing (sun didn’t show :)) I did take my last opportunity to swim in the Australian sea.. in Melbourne the beach doesn’t have any waves because it is just a large inland bay, but here, there were actual waves! Of course surfers were present everywhere and there were like two tiny strips that were cleared for swimmers.. 🙄
Since everyone has been warning me about currents I decided I should probably stay within these confines, but they should have really made them a bit wider.. anyway, there was no indication of how deep you could go so I ended up further off shore than even the surfers.. As for the waves, I don’t think they were as big as they get because the surfers weren’t doing that much surfing (dunno if that s normal) but the waves were definitely way bigger than on our little North Sea coast. Despite the rather cold water I did stay in for over half an hour and when I got back all my belongings were still nicely where I left them on the beach.. not that many people around that could have taken them, but still.. being alone I had no choice: either leave my stuff along or don’t go swimming.. I went for the option that had some fun.. 8)

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