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The green side of Melbourne

This time no tourist loaded bus trip.. the sky is crystal clear so instead I walked through some of Melbourne’s parks looking for a good spot to do absolutely nothing 😀

There s a lot of small parks all over Melbourne, most of them just outside the business district and in the suburbs, but plenty are within walking distance of my hotel.. I ended up in the Fitzroy Gardens and though not big, it was the perfect place for a nap in the shade..
Not much else to say about yesterday.. I merely enjoyed doing as little as humanly possible 😉

One thing I do want to praise: even in Scandinavia I’ve not seen this many public toilets.. and they are for free! I don’t think any European country can beat that 🙄

As for today.. I ll probably go swimming in my favorite outdoor pool in Melbourne North… well, maybe a little bit of swimming and a lot of idling in the sun 😉

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