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Gothenburg.. in typically Swedish weather…

Day 1 in Gothenburg is easy to summarize: WET!

I slept long – especially considering I slept in a tent – and just after I finally got around to leaving for the city, it started raining. I don’t think it stopped for one minute for the remainder of that day.. I had foreseen some rain – I was actually carrying a raincoat – but not like this.. The end result is that I’ve already wasted my favorite pair of summer shoes.. it will take them a few days to dry, that ‘s for sure. Not much else worth saying about that day.. just that I managed to setup the rain shelter on my own.. not an easy feat considering the thing has like 6 poles which tend to fall over if you have set up none yet or only a couple.

Oh, and comparing the electric power cooling box I got from my mom to the local versions one thing is clear: mine is louder then all the locals combined.. and somehow, I doubt it s any better… 🙄
I ‘ll unplug it in the night because the thing is like a jumbo jet taking off in the middle of the night for all people sleeping nearby the common kitchen – not me though.. 🙂

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