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Erasmus Exchange Karlskrona 2009

Photos taken during my Erasmus Exchange period in Karlskrona, Sweden…

  • Erasmus Karlskrona 2009

And of course there were parties in Karlskrona and especially Minerva! Usually I had better things to do then take pictures, but there are some...

Road trip Sweden - Norway 09

Pictures taken during my road trip through Sweden and Norway from 4 till 15 July.


Pictures taken during my 2 trips to Öland..


Pictures taken at several locations in Blekinge.. I don\'t exactly remember where each single one was taken so I am placing them all here...


In may the group around my thesis had an evening pick nick..

Ronneby Brunnspark

One of Sweden\'s nicest parks (or so I am told..) Always a lot of people having their BBQ here (at least during summer) and there also happened to be a flea market (try to imagine my joy... - sarcasm!)


Pictures of Karlskrona and its surroundings..

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