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Planning ahead..

Oké, I know I’ve never been very good at this, and probably never will be, but I don’t think I’ve had to do this much last-minute planning before…

I only yesterday got confirmation that this week is the last week I have to work here.. next week I have a week off in Australia, but I have no place to go or stay at yet 🙄
I can’t even stay in my current hotel because they are fully booked over the weekend so I ‘ll have to do some hotel hopping..

The idea is to go to Sydney next week, though I still have to get flight tickets, find a hotel and everything.. I think it ‘ll be easiest – and probably cheapest too – to stay with emigrated friends for 2 days and then move to a cheap ho(s)tel in the city – provided I can still find one…
Still have to find a hotel in Melbourne for one night too.. unless I don’t mind spending 36 hours in an airport… 🙄

Today’s conclusion: I hate planning anything 🙂

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