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Road through hell..

Today I moved from a room at a friend’s place outside Sydney to a room in a backpackers hotel in the city center.. There ‘s a tiny detail to it though that ended up being a little more serious then I had anticipated.. since my hosts had gone to work, my motorised transport to the railway station was also gone.. and since I couldn’t check in before noon I wanted to stay at their place for bit longer as well.. It was one of those days though.. not really very hot, but HUMID! And then around noon the sun broke through the cloudcover… So instead of a relaxed walk to the station I went through a 25 minute long torment. I was carrying 3 bags so could barely walk properly and on top of that, the second I got out the door I was bathing in sweat.. Normally when you sweat, you expell excess heat and you are supposed to cool a bit. But with this high humidity all it did was drip off of me and ruin another set of clothing.. I think during that 25 minute walk I must have lost 5 kilos worth of water.. ­čśÉ

When I finally got to my destination, the change in accomodation couldn’t have been more extreme: in Melbourne I stayed in a very nice room, the room I had stayed in in Sydney so far was also comfortable, though a lot smaller, but the room at this hotel was even smaller, and basically only had a bed and a cabinet I wouldn’t even entrust my hated shirts to.. I had a toilet and shower (or something resembling it) across the hall, but that s about it.. It was also a lot cheaper than my previous hotel though, so I guess you get what you pay for. Still, all you really need is a bed.. and that was present – though I m not sure it was much softer than the floor. Everything else is basically excess luxury you can do without: something┬álike a big room s just wasted space in a place like this I guess.
If sleeping here is doable – there s this large noisy airco build into the window, and when turning that off, I hear the air conditioning units of all the neighbours – I think I might actually enjoy it here. In the hotel I had all possible comforts, but there was little to do. Here on the other hand there’s always organized activities and a completely different atmosphere.. Now, if only they could combine the two.. ­čśÇ

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